Sunday, September 11, 2022

The Ring - A Touching Indie Short coming to the Shockfest Film Festival

Will true love overcome the ultimate loss? That is the question that the short film called The Ring, produced by Lionel Stive and Armand Lopez, asks the audience and does it in a very gentle, melancholic, and moving manner. The same short film opens with a tragic passing of a young woman, witnessed by a man who is the love of her life. In the time that ensues, the same man tries to get to grips with the same tragic loss, knowing that their wedding ring could bring her back, at least in his mind.

The Ring approaches its somber topic in a very effective and emphatic manner. The audience can feel the environments where the film takes place, no matter if these are sloping meadows and their beautiful, lush nature, or the empty spaces of a home that no longer houses two people, but only one. This, along with a perfectly crafted soundtrack offers an insight into a world of a man who is heartbroken. The same is something you can feel in every frame and every conversation. But, ultimately, The Ring promises a chance for change and for things to get better, which is a very important message.

Thanks to its clear quality and the ability to connect with people, the same short film will appear at the Shockfest Film Festival. Here, the audience will be able to see it and experience the touching story for themselves. It is also more than certain that The Ring will appear at many other festivals as well in the coming months!