Monday, March 29, 2021

Indie Showcase: Spider-Man 4: Spider-Verse (2021) Live Action Remastered - Tobey, Tom, Andrew (Fan Film)


Alternative visions are essential for any field of art and cinema is not an exception. Today, thanks to modern technology, the potential to create those visions have never been greater. Spider-Man 4: Spider-Verse (2021) Live Action Remastered is a fan film that takes this idea and builds upon it to an incredible extent. This 50-minute indie fan film was made by a single person during a five-month period. The person behind it is also the creative force behind Macam TV YouTube channel, which is beyond popular, with over 177,000 subs and 54 million views (and counting) on its fan trailers and many more clips.

Yet, the undertaking on the Spider-Man movie is still incredibly impressive. Besides numerous elements it offers, the return of Tobey Maguire, the original modern Spider-Man, is probably its most intriguing element. Best of all, fans of the same series and the iconic comic book character can watch the entire film for free right here:
Movies like this show that with enough passion and commitment, any work of art can be created or remade in a different form. So, if you would like to support Macam TV YouTube channel and this incredible and unique creator, visit its Patreon page and join its Discord server's growing community.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Two-Paragraph Review: The Block Island Sound (2020)

A lot of divisiveness about different ways of reviewing The Block Island Sound will likely boil down to the way a person chooses to interpret its ending. However, for me, the movie already misses the mark sometime before that moment. As a story, it opens in an interesting manner - a small island and a fishing family (or the family of a fisherman) slowly becomes consumed by a strange sound they begin to hear. This blends perfectly with their already numerous personal issues and emotional problems, showing again that living on a small, wind-swept island in the Atlantic might not be the best place for mental well-being.

However, beyond solid acting and good cinematography, the moving quickly loses focus in terms of what is trying to accomplish. Through the perspective of one family member, Harry, we kind of see a descent to madness, irritation with life going nowhere, sleepwalking from hell, and a mystery to be solved. Yet, we get nothing of that, as the movie becomes bogged down in itself nearly halfway in. From there on, the viewers basically wait for someone (or someone else) to die already and give The Block Island Sound some semblance of closure. Expectedly, it fails to deliver that as well. So, the entire experience ends up with an interesting premise in a cool setting for psychological horror, but which doesn't evolve into that cool horror psychological film at all. Instead, it lingers and it then ends in a lingering way.