Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Two Paragraph Review: Nomadland (2020)

There is a very Soviet and Iron Curtain aesthetic to the movie Nomadland. It showcases bleak landscapes and places of businesses that are larger and emptier than any human mind, let alone a soul. Its main character is a desolate person who still clings on to hope, or something or someone, making things just a bit better - somehow. The atmosphere of the film tells of a world that is keeping its humanity in its smallest pockets but carries nothing of it in its hands.

Yet, the film is not taking place in some Soviet sinkhole. Instead, it is set in the contemporary US, where a changing landscape of economy and politics, as well the broader social climate, make this scenario possible. In it, a woman is forced to live from her van, looking for odd jobs and trying to stay afloat. Nothing more. The resulting movie is both bleak and strangely warming in a Dickinsonian way, but nevertheless a great showcase of a cruel age the US is presently in.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Athens Metaxourgeio (Μεταξουργείο) Meta Lands - One of the Coolest Neighbourhoods in the World Calling on All Artists of the World!


Metaxourgeio district in Athens, One of the Coolest Neighbourhoods in the World is Calling on All Artists to come, to inspire and be inspired!
Every artist understands that there is a great amount of power in a particular place. Throughout history, countless individuals have found inspiration in such spots and that tradition continues to this very day. That is the reason why Metaxourgeio in Athens, Greece, is so important!

Watch the video to find out more.

Metaxourgeio has been listed among the 25 coolest neighborhoods in the world in 2018. This promotional video for the same initiative is also an excellent way to get a sense of the same place and join forces with other artists there.

Clearly, Metaxourgeio is a special place and filmmakers, just like any other artist out there, would surely find plenty of inspiration, visiting it. Find many exceptional photos of this magical neighborhood on Flickr for free, spread the word about this chance for all artists, and join the Athens Metaxourgeio Meta Lands Facebook page for future updates!

Monday, June 21, 2021


“The Serpent” written and directed by Gia Skova hits the big screen on June 19, 2021, in Hollywood, California. For the first-time movie maker, this is a big deal. It is a big deal for any movie maker.

Gia grew up with the idea to always do things right the first time because that way, you do not have to waste time later fixing your mistakes. Her idea holds true with "The Serpent" going straight to the big screen in Hollywood the first time out of the starting gate. The film premiered first in Dubai and from there it came straight to Hollywood.

The movie is about agent Lucinda Kavsky the beautiful, highly trained CIA agent who is a lethal weapon. When her special assignment goes awry, she finds out that she is being played by her own people. She uncovers the plot and in so doing, finds a labyrinth of lies and secrets that have been masking a massive conspiracy.

Follow Lucinda in an action-packed ride that keeps you in suspense until the very end. The Serpent is being released by Vertical Entertainment in cinemas on June 19, 2021.
Catch “The Serpent” on Video On Demand on June 18, 2021.
Soon to be seen in theaters across the US.
Produced by Skova, Jared Safier and Pavel Skovorodin.
Run time: 89 minutes

Author: Teresa Reile

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Two Paragraph Review: Wrath of Man (2021)

 The notion of Guy Ritchie going back to some of his more basic ideas always sounded great, especially after the bold, but ultimately bland and soulless King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Wrath of Man is a film where this talented director returns to modern crime action but also manages to show how much he evolved since the days of Rocknrolla. He did stick to simplicity, though: the plot revolves around Hill, a mysterious man who begins working in LA’s dangerous cash transport business. Hill clearly has a serious backstory, but the film gradually develops it through multiple time jumps and a range of individual and collective perspectives.

First of all, Jason Statham is solid as the lead man and not a caricature of himself. Besides, the action in the film is sharp and crisp. That includes things like camera angles and the unorthodox structure of shots and cuts, which is where Ritchie makes his biggest leap into new territory. It works well, even with a sorely lacking soundtrack - in most movies this director made, these were among his strongest suits. Here, they are dull and repetitive industrial sounds, blended into an ominous but forgettable musical background. Fortunately, they are the only lacking thing in this very good hard-boiled action film.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Two Paragraph Review: The Woman in the Window (2021)

Anything that comes with Amy Adams in the leading role cannot be truly bad by any means and The Woman in the Window is no different. While it's not a stellar thriller, it does paint an engaging homage to the classic story from the Hitchcock pantheon of urban realistic terrors. As shut-in Anna Fox, Adams plays very well a woman breaking down under mental stress, only to witness a murder taking place across the street. In one week, she traverses dark psychological plains of both herself and those around her to get to the bottom of the same situation.

The movie comes with a distinctive patina of made-for-TV, which lowers its ability to bedazzle the audience like older films with a similar story would try to do. Yet, its great supporting cast manages to provide excellent support for Adams, who really carries the heart of the film from start to finish. That makes it a refreshingly interesting addition to the same often too stale genre but does not hit any high notes that would make it a small triller gemstone.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Indie Showcase: Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man 🕷 (4K) 2021

One of the best things about the world of comic books and their superheroes is the inspiration it provides to other artists. In the case of the Spider-Man universe, the same inspiration resulted in a very impressive fan-made movie. It's called  Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man and it shows just how amazing a work of passion and dedication can be.

In the universe of Spider-Man, Miles Morales is one of the individuals who take on the role of the famous superhero. This happens right after Peter Parker dies. From that moment, Miles brings another perspective to the Ultimate Marvel setting. This is due in part to the fact that he is a child of a Puerto Rican mother and Black American father. Now, the genesis of the same interesting characters is precisely what this fan movie showcases.

Made by BlackHawk Productions and directed by Jerdarius Collier, the film quickly sets up and frames the story as an action story but with a distinctly human touch. This includes a dynamic heist scene, as well as several fight scenes in the first third of the film. All this happens along with Miles slowly becoming Spider-Man in the environment of New Orleans, followed by all of the responsibilities and dangers this brings. The same even includes the always-iconic moment of a costume reveal.

Throughout the film, it is impressive to see solid cinematography (including excellently shot steadicam sequences), numerous actors (all of whom are convincing), but also many homages to comic books. These include comic book font panels, special effects, T-Shirts characters wear, and many other things as well.

Thanks to all of the elements that work on its side, Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man is a must-watch for all comic book fans and especially this iconic comic book character. In less than half an hour, it manages both to entertain and captivate. Watch the entire film right here: