Friday, September 18, 2020

Two-Paragraph Review: My Octopus Teacher (2020)

In a sea (pun intended) high-strung and flashy documentary movies and series, covering everything from, oh, I don't know, tiger wanglers and drug use, it's refreshing to see a topic that is anything but sensational. A friendship between a man and an octopus is definitely among these topics. Yet, with this premise, My Octopus Teacher managed to create an insightful, informative, and heartwarming (without approaching its audience as someone stupid) tale about a special relationship that bridges space and species.

In the documentary, a burned-out nature cinematographer dives into the shallow but enthralling waters off the tip of South Africa, only to find a particular octopus that truly becomes its teacher. Touching and impactful, the movie is a very interesting and introspective look not just at this fascinating species that might be more like us than we ever suspected. At the same time, it might be able to reveal more about us than we alone ever could.