Sunday, September 24, 2017

Short Film Review: Loyalty or Betrayal (2017)

A strong film can be made out of a huge range of elements which are set in an even bigger number of possible relations. This is why there is no definite recipe that makes a perfect film and also the same reasons why so many great yet wildly different movies exist. Still, most excellent works of art, including cinematography, come with a single distinctive advantage that either allowed them to be great or eventually made them that way. This element is called simplicity.

With a healthy degree of simplicity, any movie project stands a chance to become something extraordinary. Jonathan Vargas is a young filmmaker who has not created a masterpiece with his latest short film Loyalty or Betrayal, but has made a simple and incredibly effective work of art. It has its flaws, but it covers all of its bases in a wonderful manner, making it a dream come true for any jury on a short indie film festival.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Indie Showcase: Beer & Seed

The history of contemporary film shows that one of the most grateful domains for indie releases is the genre of comedy. From Kevin Smith’s Clerks to Summer of Blood and Safety not Guaranteed, all of these great movies managed to get so much out of very little. Beer & Seed is a film that utilizes the same approach and goes for that dark comedy space in an otherwise familiar and friendly environment.

The official description of the film pitches it this way:

What happens when you follow a navy veteran who goes back to college? A world full of fat girl sex, drugs, gambling, violence. In a creepy comical look, Bill goes through the issues of working and trying to pass through college. In this well crafted Indy film, Bill Cox takes you on a journey where crazy is the reality at Central College in Beer & Seed, a classic "Stoner Film".