Saturday, June 25, 2022

Running Scared - Upcoming Indie Found Footage Horror

There's something truly disturbing in the idea of the found-footage horror genre. It presents a scenario where everything that the viewers are seeing is something that actually happened to the protagonists of the same film. In the case of Running Scared, an upcoming horror release, the same factor is very much in play. It also manages to capitalize on the unique environment of an ancient location in an ancient land, which becomes a place of utter terror. Check out its offical trailer right here:

The film was made as a Blue Mist Entertainment production and Alfie McArthur is one of the key individuals behind it. He is a multi-talented professional, having experience both as a professional boxer and now a cinematic creator. That is very much a unique combination.

The same versatility is immediately seen in Running Scared, which features a real place. This is a castle somewhere in Scotland and the trailer quickly shows some unnerving elements, like its vax figures. From here, the protagonists begin a filmed search for a supernatural presence and they have the misfortune of actually finding it as well.

The dynamic cast and the sense of realism both merge for this film and provide what seems to be a very promising indie horror film. It is also going to be a release that no fan of the found footage genre will want to miss. If you're one of them, follow Alfie McArthur on his Instagram account and stay up-to-date with everything related to the Running Scared and its upcoming premiere!

Monday, June 6, 2022

Movie Review: Memory Lane (2022)


Creating an impactful independent film is an incredibly difficult thing to do. More precisely, it demands a very strong alchemic mixture that combines visual storytelling, the ability to get an idea and thematically develop it, but finally, to infuse that with a personal and deeply emotional touch. This is precisely what Ross Holman AKA Arcadia Smith managed to do with a film called Memory Lane. The same independent movie is a work of art that transcends any single genre and even the art of cinematography as a whole. 

The film begins in a very straightforward fashion. It follows its main character who finds an advertisement that promotes the possibility of traveling through time. He takes on that offer and thus begins a strange and impactful journey through the actual life of Ross and his personal history. The same is followed by the actual archive footage going back to the early 90s and the birth of the same writer and director.

At the same time, the film uses a range of hip-hop tracks that Ross Holman created as well, including full music videos. These follow the same general formula of the film, adding a further avant-garde notion that strongly resonates through the whole work. Using this almost magical formula, the movie tells a tale of a boy who lost his father at an early age and began his adulthood through numerous challenges. 
Yet, the will and the drive to create clearly never left him. On a technical side, Memory Lane was made in a solid manner, covering all of the bases diligently. The camera shoots from a steadicam and offers clear and crisp pictures, while the audio remains level and clean, even though the movie uses a range of recordings.

All of this shows that Ross Holman is a very talented individual with an outlook on the world of art that is different and impactful. Memory Lane is the ultimate proof of this, as it provides something unique. Follow Ross Holman on his official website and Instagram, but make sure to check Memory Lane when you get the chance!