If you want to contact me for any reason (like writing for you, exchanging links with your blog/website) or if you need some help with the promotion of a project that is connected to the cinematic arts (featuring your short film, helping out in a crowd-funding process or spreading the word about a film festival, just to name a few) you can use one of the following ways.

My Twitter account is @filmzadanas where I tweet in English and Serbian, or you can add me on Google+. The Facebook fan page for Movies, Films and Movies can be found right here so feel free to like it! All across these social networks use the hashtag #MFMblog to check out what going on with it. Also, if you wish to place your advertise here, contact me directly or via this Fivver gig.

Finally, if my email is what you're after, it is i.milaric (at) gmail (dot) com.