Monday, January 8, 2024

Two Paragraph Review: Rebel Moon (2023)

If you have a science fiction action film on a grand scale where "rebels" fight the "Imperium", certain issues of copyright and artistic freedom are bound to get raised. However, the director and main creative force behind Rebel Moon, Zack Snyder, clearly wasn't dissuaded by any of those notions or he simply has steel faith in his team of lawyers. Instead of giving the script an un-Star Wars redo, Snyder went full-force into the development of a two-part epic where Kora, a former super-soldier of the Imperium, is taking on her former employees for the sake of a small farming moon and its despondent inhabitants.

The biggest immediate impression that comes from watching Rebel Moon is its completely uncensored ripoffs from the Star Wars franchise. From costumes to the broader topics and relationships, all the way to the core nature of this very familiar-feeling story set in a galaxy far, far away, it was all seen before. More precisely, it was all seen in the famous George Lucas franchise. But, Snyder does all of this thievery so unapologetically and without restraint that you cannot somewhat enjoy the end-result knockoff adventure. Add a dash of predictable and unnecessary slow-mo fight sequences and the classic Snyder dish is served. However, despite all of its failings when it comes to originality and uniqueness, it is still a somewhat fun cinematographic experience which is at moment - ironically - more entertaining than a few of the new Star Wars films.