Ivica standing in front of a wall.
I really like movies. I started watching them when I was around seven years old and my dad started to take me to the local video rental store. In those days, we were living in Yugoslavia, and the early 90's weren't exactly great. But, at least I had access to bootleg video tapes of all new films from around the globe (although the majority came from the US or the UK). After that, we got bootleg cable TV and several awesome movie channels.

So, thanks to international sanctions against Yugoslavia, I watched a lot of (pirated) movies, and learned English. My teachers were people like Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. In many other cases, that would make my English awful, having in mind that Schwarzenegger is still struggling with it. But, I kind of got the hang of it early on.

Today, I am a clinical psychologist and still a movie buff. Here, you can read my thoughts on the movies that I watch, and maybe read a TV show review from time to time. If you have movie-related project that needs publicity (short film, a website, a crowd-funding campaign, film festival or anything else) you can contact me here and I would be happy to help you out.

Also, check out my eBook "How Not to Become Overweight while Working in the IT Industry".

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