Saturday, December 25, 2021

Two Paragraph Review: The Power of the Dog (2021)


"Aren't these mountains of New Zealand beautiful", thought Jane Campion at some point. She must have thought this because they are ever-present in her latest film, The Power of the Dog. They are imposing, barren, and almost one with the cold, distant skies above. Yes, they are very beautiful, but this feeling quickly veins along with the rest of the film. It too offers a big promise, followed by a very modest final delivery, which is unnecessarily long and slow, hopefully not so that it tries to impose some sense of artificial depth and relevance.

The Power of the Dog is at its core a very straightforward story about suffering, pride, and hidden desires. However, the movie tells that story in a form that is laden with long, long shots of mountains and hills, all of which quickly wind up without any impact on the viewers. As Nomadland shows, it's hard to use the US landscape as a character, even with more poignant movies (but still somehow very detached ones). Something similar happens with the characters and their hermetic worldviews and emotional states. All is clear and understandable in a rational sense, but feelings have no place in those barren hills, both on-screen and with the audience. Too long, too shallow, and too self-important, that is The Power of the Dog.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

The Starter Marriage - Romantic Comedy with a Twist!


There are plenty of romantic comedies that deal with the topic of marriage in some shape or form. But, The Starter Marriage is a movie that takes this broad concept and gives it a very fun and engaging twist. The movie begins with a young man and a young woman, both in their 20s, deciding to get married but as a form of "starter" relationship. In this marriage, which is supposed to last only 12 months, they will both be free to make mistakes and catastrophic decisions that ruin marriages all of the time. This way, they would be ready for the real deal, later on, having experienced the worst of it all already. Check out the trailer for the film right here:

The Starter Marriage was directed by Arthur Muhammad and written by Matthew Tolbert. It comes with an interesting take on the issue of marriage, especially in the age when so many of these seem to end all around the world or fail at the very start. Its cast is well-chosen and clearly able to take on the whole weird marriage situation with both comedic effect and a level of groundedness.

However, there is also a nice and slowly building romantic note in all of it, which offers a glimpse into the true longing for love that both of these young main characters desire to find. All of this builds up into a fun viewing experience not just for couples but everyone who enjoys a solid rom-com. Find more about The Starter Marriage on its Facebook fan page and Instagram account, but also find where you can watch it right now on its official website!

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Two Paragraph Review: Green Knight (2021)


There's a lot of things going on in Green Knight visually and on some hard-to-gauge high concept stage. People tell dramatic snippets of epic-sounding tales and heads do come off without actually killing their owners. For the Arthurian myth, that is all more than appropriate and the great cast runs with it from the initial setup when the hero's great adventure begins. Which is all well and good.

What's less so is the fact that the movie feels very improvised and somehow physically restrained. All of its locations seem like some kind of a failed site scouting job, where any old castle, forest, meadow, or field would do. The photography of Green Knight is not bad in the technical sense, but the emotional tone it emits is ringing hollow. In many ways, that ringing resonates with the whole film, giving it a nice-looking, but going-nowhere feel throughout.

Friday, October 29, 2021

Two Paragraph Review: Dune (2021)

Dune is good. It's so good in fact that it would be a viable short film without any plot, dialogue, or any other verbal information. Bare scenes and the accompanying music would do it justice. As a whole package, Dune is probably the best science fiction film in the last 10 years, at least on this grand scale. Sure, its director Denis Villeneuve himself made a better cerebral sci-fi film, which is Arrival. However, when it comes to these immense films, Dune did nothing that no other movie manage to do since the time of The Lord of the Rings. It's an instant pop-phenomena, and its quality makes it that.

Of course, it's not a flawless film. In its essence, the plot is forgettable and rehashed many times over, while the details are the stuff that sticks. Yet, battle costumes are not that, especially for Sardukar forces. Also, similar to Blade Runner 2049, it is sometimes (less often than the cyberpunk film) trying too hard to be serious and ends up just kind of dull. That's especially present in the last 30 minutes of the film and the anticlimactic ending it pulls off. However, even with those flaws, Dune is a thing that you have to behold and held there tightly.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Not all answers are found in Google | 用心感受世界 - Excellently produced and directed short drama film


Creating a drama in short form, especially one that touches upon current events is not easy. However, this is precisely what Ananth Tharmalingam, the producer of Not all answers are found in Google | 用心感受世界 managed to do. By bringing together  Remax Guys, Yan Scientifics, Director Triden V Balasingam, veteran writer John Mahenthiran, and a great cast and crew, he succeeded in producing a very touching and thoughtful exploration of what it means to be human in a global world stricken by a terrible situation no one experienced in over a century.

The movie follows an elderly man (Li Jian Feng) and his granddaughter Sera(Evalynn Li) as they spend time in Canada. He is bound to leave for China, his home, very soon, as his daughter is bound to get back soon. However, at that moment, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic breaks out and all travel is canceled. From there, a plot develops into a very poignant exploration of two souls, connected through the family but distant because they belong to different generations. One remembers the environment and nature as the main elements of life, while Sera's generation is one immersed in technology and the modern world.

The film, although short, offers many touching moments of nostalgia and quiet regret, which are showcased beautifully through the musical score and overall atmosphere. Director Triden V Balasingam hit the absolute jackpot by bringing composer Nathaniel Wolkstein to the movie's team. This element is one of the strongest in the entire film. That is especially true for the very ending where the young actress Evalynn Li playing Sara delivers an incredibly moving dialogue that will undoubtedly bring out a tear or two for many viewers. Here as well, the production values are clear for all to see - and hear - as the soundtrack follows the plot diligently and faithfully, ending it on an emotional high note.

In this short film, Award winning Canadian director Triden V Balasingam's formula blended ideally with all of the other elements that the production process brought together. Ananth Tharmalingam is perfectly suited for not only short projects but also much bigger feature-length films. Seeing what he accomplishes in the future will surely involve new and excellent films, no matter what genre or format they end up taking. Watch the whole short film Not all answers are found in Google | 用心感受世界 right here:

Friday, October 1, 2021

Lunch Room - Web Series about the Comedy (and Horror) of a Modern Workforce

We all know it: working in some places is not just bad for you professionally, but can also become a black whirlpool of cosmic horror that slowly sucks in your whole soul. While this is a terrible situation to be in, in art, it can be a wonderful source of inspiration for both comedy and subtle drama. Lunch Room is an upcoming web series that takes this concept and builds it into a very entertaining show, which also hits close to home for anyone stuck at a dead-end job.

The series follows a group of workers as they spend time in the lunch room of a low-end supermarket called OzSupermart (which comes with a logo that may or may not look like a gaping vagina, as one of the cast notices in the pilot episode). Here, the staff of the same market converge for all manner of reasons and try to get through their grueling days.

Right off the bat, the series takes that chaotic movement of a big cast often talking one over another, and runs with it. Lunch Room is all about the dullness of being a retail worker, which is intertwined with countless strands of interpersonal contact and relationships. In the space where all spend time to have lunch, relax or go on endless angry tirades, these things come together in a now-classic comedy setup.

In many ways, Lunch Room is the direct continuation of modern masterpieces like Clerks, Office Space, and The Office (more the UK version than the US one). It also features a cast that is very diverse in many different ways, which provides that eclectic mix of so many different people all being trapped in this quiet hellscape of modern low-wage employment. At the same time, the cast does a really excellent job of improving together and bouncing stuff around during dialogues. That really shines through when massive conflicts occur where everyone is shouting at everyone else, giving the entire show an appealing change of pace from the otherwise very mellow atmosphere of slackers slacking off.

Funny, witty, and yet so true for so many workers across the world right now, Lunch Room has all of the makings of a future comedy hit. In short form, it delivers the essence of the workplace comedy-drama genre and does a cool update on its themes and topics, ideally suited for the third decade of the 21st century. Watch the full pilot episode right here.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Two Paragraph Review: Malignant (2021)

The genre of vintage horror-comedy is almost a forgotten art, especially since the quiet death of the blockbuster teen horror series a decade ago. Today, the most successful movies from this genre are those that take themselves very seriously and approach the emotion of fear with meticulous attention. James Wan is one of the key individuals in the grand reimagining of horror movies in this form, with series like Insidious and Conjuring. but his latest movie, Malignant, is anything but serious.

Yet, it also most definitely is not a comedy, which is in my view its biggest shortfall. In the movie, a woman is confronted by a shadowy figure that suddenly enters her life and begins a killing spree that is apparently connected to her tortured past. This unravels a very weird and very 80s-like storyline and mystery that would be a perfect horror comedy, especially with its gory and body-horror elements. However, strangely, Wan keeps the narrative and the atmosphere on the serious side of the equation, building a thing that is entertaining, but also at moments unbelievably silly and over-the-top. But, even with that, I have to say that he continues to experiment and try new things, which is something that the genre always needs a lot more across the board.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Indie Showcase: Casey's Haul (Short Film)

There are many ways to create a meaningful work of art that connects with its audience. While their methods might vary, all of these approaches have one thing in common - they speak some manner of truth about the human experience. In the case of the short film Casey's Haul, that truth involves the recent disaster that struck the entire world and that is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Here, the same short movie manages to tell a story that will reverberate with anyone who is or continues to struggle in the same dire circumstances.

The plot of the film is very familiar to millions across the world. It focuses on Ala'Rico (played by Emmanuel Moulton known as Big Dawg079), a family man who is stricken by a potential disaster. His daughter Casey becomes ill with COVID-19 and gets through it, but remains burdened by a range of health issues because of it. She can go through treatment, but the price of this is not something her family can afford.  Ala'Rico, left with no job because of the pandemic, decided to do the unthinkable and rob a bank.

This sets a dramatic chain of events in motion. The film focuses on Ala'Rico and his moral dilemmas, as he is torn between the desire to help his loved ones and do the right thing. Through his contact with Detective Karuba, Ala'Rico works through this dilemma, knowing that a tragic solution is waiting for him at the end of that journey nonetheless.

Casey's Haul is without any doubt a work of passion and dedication. It shows the ability of one global calamity - which is the pandemic - to influence the lives of ordinary people beyond simply catching the virus. Instead, it resonates through different aspects of life and can easily make fictional stories like this one all too real. The movie cast does a great job of presenting this complex emotional network that connects all of them, which Moulton shines through as the dominant figure. His anguish and constant tension of what he has done and what he feels is the right thing to do feels more than authentic.

While technically a small indie film, Casey's Haul is an important piece of art about our collective experience of this terrible pandemic. It will remain an essential artistic document of our time and get only more important once the pandemic is finally over. Watch the whole short film right here and find out how you can support its creators on Big Dawg079 YouTube channel as well!

Thursday, August 19, 2021

The Diabolical Schemes of Thadeus Jackson - Indie Superhero Movie with the Makings of a Future Cult Classic


Sometimes, you don't need much to figure out that a movie has all of the right stuff. In the case of The Diabolical Schemes of Thadeus Jackson, that moment comes from the trailer, when a character asks "Who wants to see the Supremacist dead?" (the Supremacists being a horrible superhero) and everyone in the room raises their hands. This is just one of the numerous details and quirks that this movie has, which all come together into a more than promising independent superhero movie, along with a very serious plot focus. Here's how the film describes its plot:

The Diabolical Schemes of Thadeus Jackson'' revolves around the story of Thadeus Jackson, played by Sean Simmons. Jackson plays the role of a former NSA Agent who is out on a mission to kill The Supremacist, Defender of Capitalism, and The American Way, and is ready to risk it all to make the world a better place.

Brandon Crowson, an award-winning US filmmaker from Minneapolis, is the main creative force behind the film. Its development began several years ago and even though it features themes like superheroes, it was inspired by real-world events. These include protests against police brutality in the US and the Black Lives Matter movement. Crowson decided to embed his anger and frustration about the injustice people of color in the country face in this work of art.

The result is a film that looks incredibly entertaining as a dark comedy, but also something laden with serious social commentary about the contemporary US. To see why, check out The Diabolical Schemes of Thadeus Jackson trailer right here:
The movie is scheduled to have its Premiere on September 2, 2021, at the Parkway Theater, Minneapolis. Following the Premiere, the film will be officially released on Prime Video worldwide and DVD September 3, 2021. Tickets to the premiere are on sale now!

To get more info about the film, visit the movie’s IMDb page, Facebook fan page, and Instagram account. After that, enjoy The Diabolical Schemes of Thadeus Jackson as soon as it gets out!

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Two Paragraph Review: Things Heard & Seen (2021)

Now, if Things Heard & Seen was a subtle parody, it would probably be among my favorite new films that lampoon the resurgent "evil house" horror genre. However, it is not a parody, but a movie so badly acted, wrongly acted, and weirdly acted that it simply leaves you dumbstruck by its unintentional, but abundant, comedy.

The story of the film sets up a well-known cliche. A family moves to a secluded house, where a series of horrible lives, culminating in horrible murders, took place. As the family sets in, things go to hell, almost literally. Yes, the film tries to pursue an artistic note with the Thomas Cole paintings, but that narrative vector is both underused and also comedic in its worst moments - like the ending of the film. So, if you love horror but you're also up for a laugh or two, check out Things Heard & See.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Two Paragraph Review: Nomadland (2020)

There is a very Soviet and Iron Curtain aesthetic to the movie Nomadland. It showcases bleak landscapes and places of businesses that are larger and emptier than any human mind, let alone a soul. Its main character is a desolate person who still clings on to hope, or something or someone, making things just a bit better - somehow. The atmosphere of the film tells of a world that is keeping its humanity in its smallest pockets but carries nothing of it in its hands.

Yet, the film is not taking place in some Soviet sinkhole. Instead, it is set in the contemporary US, where a changing landscape of economy and politics, as well the broader social climate, make this scenario possible. In it, a woman is forced to live from her van, looking for odd jobs and trying to stay afloat. Nothing more. The resulting movie is both bleak and strangely warming in a Dickinsonian way, but nevertheless a great showcase of a cruel age the US is presently in.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Athens Metaxourgeio (Μεταξουργείο) Meta Lands - One of the Coolest Neighbourhoods in the World Calling on All Artists of the World!


Metaxourgeio district in Athens, One of the Coolest Neighbourhoods in the World is Calling on All Artists to come, to inspire and be inspired!
Every artist understands that there is a great amount of power in a particular place. Throughout history, countless individuals have found inspiration in such spots and that tradition continues to this very day. That is the reason why Metaxourgeio in Athens, Greece, is so important!

Watch the video to find out more.

Metaxourgeio has been listed among the 25 coolest neighborhoods in the world in 2018. This promotional video for the same initiative is also an excellent way to get a sense of the same place and join forces with other artists there.

Clearly, Metaxourgeio is a special place and filmmakers, just like any other artist out there, would surely find plenty of inspiration, visiting it. Find many exceptional photos of this magical neighborhood on Flickr for free, spread the word about this chance for all artists, and join the Athens Metaxourgeio Meta Lands Facebook page for future updates!

Monday, June 21, 2021


“The Serpent” written and directed by Gia Skova hits the big screen on June 19, 2021, in Hollywood, California. For the first-time movie maker, this is a big deal. It is a big deal for any movie maker.

Gia grew up with the idea to always do things right the first time because that way, you do not have to waste time later fixing your mistakes. Her idea holds true with "The Serpent" going straight to the big screen in Hollywood the first time out of the starting gate. The film premiered first in Dubai and from there it came straight to Hollywood.

The movie is about agent Lucinda Kavsky the beautiful, highly trained CIA agent who is a lethal weapon. When her special assignment goes awry, she finds out that she is being played by her own people. She uncovers the plot and in so doing, finds a labyrinth of lies and secrets that have been masking a massive conspiracy.

Follow Lucinda in an action-packed ride that keeps you in suspense until the very end. The Serpent is being released by Vertical Entertainment in cinemas on June 19, 2021.
Catch “The Serpent” on Video On Demand on June 18, 2021.
Soon to be seen in theaters across the US.
Produced by Skova, Jared Safier and Pavel Skovorodin.
Run time: 89 minutes

Author: Teresa Reile

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Two Paragraph Review: Wrath of Man (2021)

 The notion of Guy Ritchie going back to some of his more basic ideas always sounded great, especially after the bold, but ultimately bland and soulless King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Wrath of Man is a film where this talented director returns to modern crime action but also manages to show how much he evolved since the days of Rocknrolla. He did stick to simplicity, though: the plot revolves around Hill, a mysterious man who begins working in LA’s dangerous cash transport business. Hill clearly has a serious backstory, but the film gradually develops it through multiple time jumps and a range of individual and collective perspectives.

First of all, Jason Statham is solid as the lead man and not a caricature of himself. Besides, the action in the film is sharp and crisp. That includes things like camera angles and the unorthodox structure of shots and cuts, which is where Ritchie makes his biggest leap into new territory. It works well, even with a sorely lacking soundtrack - in most movies this director made, these were among his strongest suits. Here, they are dull and repetitive industrial sounds, blended into an ominous but forgettable musical background. Fortunately, they are the only lacking thing in this very good hard-boiled action film.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Two Paragraph Review: The Woman in the Window (2021)

Anything that comes with Amy Adams in the leading role cannot be truly bad by any means and The Woman in the Window is no different. While it's not a stellar thriller, it does paint an engaging homage to the classic story from the Hitchcock pantheon of urban realistic terrors. As shut-in Anna Fox, Adams plays very well a woman breaking down under mental stress, only to witness a murder taking place across the street. In one week, she traverses dark psychological plains of both herself and those around her to get to the bottom of the same situation.

The movie comes with a distinctive patina of made-for-TV, which lowers its ability to bedazzle the audience like older films with a similar story would try to do. Yet, its great supporting cast manages to provide excellent support for Adams, who really carries the heart of the film from start to finish. That makes it a refreshingly interesting addition to the same often too stale genre but does not hit any high notes that would make it a small triller gemstone.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Indie Showcase: Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man 🕷 (4K) 2021

One of the best things about the world of comic books and their superheroes is the inspiration it provides to other artists. In the case of the Spider-Man universe, the same inspiration resulted in a very impressive fan-made movie. It's called  Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man and it shows just how amazing a work of passion and dedication can be.

In the universe of Spider-Man, Miles Morales is one of the individuals who take on the role of the famous superhero. This happens right after Peter Parker dies. From that moment, Miles brings another perspective to the Ultimate Marvel setting. This is due in part to the fact that he is a child of a Puerto Rican mother and Black American father. Now, the genesis of the same interesting characters is precisely what this fan movie showcases.

Made by BlackHawk Productions and directed by Jerdarius Collier, the film quickly sets up and frames the story as an action story but with a distinctly human touch. This includes a dynamic heist scene, as well as several fight scenes in the first third of the film. All this happens along with Miles slowly becoming Spider-Man in the environment of New Orleans, followed by all of the responsibilities and dangers this brings. The same even includes the always-iconic moment of a costume reveal.

Throughout the film, it is impressive to see solid cinematography (including excellently shot steadicam sequences), numerous actors (all of whom are convincing), but also many homages to comic books. These include comic book font panels, special effects, T-Shirts characters wear, and many other things as well.

Thanks to all of the elements that work on its side, Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man is a must-watch for all comic book fans and especially this iconic comic book character. In less than half an hour, it manages both to entertain and captivate. Watch the entire film right here:

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Film Review: Come True (2020)

Once in a while, a relatively small horror-like movie comes along and shakes up the international indie scene to its core. A few years back, It Follows did that. Insidious managed to do the same more than a decade ago. Now, I'm certain that Come True is doing the same once again.The film, written and directed by Anthony Scott Burns, starts off in a strong and subtle manner. It showcases the life of Sarah, a teenager that is in the process of fully running away from home. 

Monday, March 29, 2021

Indie Showcase: Spider-Man 4: Spider-Verse (2021) Live Action Remastered - Tobey, Tom, Andrew (Fan Film)


Alternative visions are essential for any field of art and cinema is not an exception. Today, thanks to modern technology, the potential to create those visions have never been greater. Spider-Man 4: Spider-Verse (2021) Live Action Remastered is a fan film that takes this idea and builds upon it to an incredible extent. This 50-minute indie fan film was made by a single person during a five-month period. The person behind it is also the creative force behind Macam TV YouTube channel, which is beyond popular, with over 177,000 subs and 54 million views (and counting) on its fan trailers and many more clips.

Yet, the undertaking on the Spider-Man movie is still incredibly impressive. Besides numerous elements it offers, the return of Tobey Maguire, the original modern Spider-Man, is probably its most intriguing element. Best of all, fans of the same series and the iconic comic book character can watch the entire film for free right here:
Movies like this show that with enough passion and commitment, any work of art can be created or remade in a different form. So, if you would like to support Macam TV YouTube channel and this incredible and unique creator, visit its Patreon page and join its Discord server's growing community.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Two-Paragraph Review: The Block Island Sound (2020)

A lot of divisiveness about different ways of reviewing The Block Island Sound will likely boil down to the way a person chooses to interpret its ending. However, for me, the movie already misses the mark sometime before that moment. As a story, it opens in an interesting manner - a small island and a fishing family (or the family of a fisherman) slowly becomes consumed by a strange sound they begin to hear. This blends perfectly with their already numerous personal issues and emotional problems, showing again that living on a small, wind-swept island in the Atlantic might not be the best place for mental well-being.

However, beyond solid acting and good cinematography, the moving quickly loses focus in terms of what is trying to accomplish. Through the perspective of one family member, Harry, we kind of see a descent to madness, irritation with life going nowhere, sleepwalking from hell, and a mystery to be solved. Yet, we get nothing of that, as the movie becomes bogged down in itself nearly halfway in. From there on, the viewers basically wait for someone (or someone else) to die already and give The Block Island Sound some semblance of closure. Expectedly, it fails to deliver that as well. So, the entire experience ends up with an interesting premise in a cool setting for psychological horror, but which doesn't evolve into that cool horror psychological film at all. Instead, it lingers and it then ends in a lingering way.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Deadlier than the Human - New Novel and Future Film from Writer and Director Paul Kyriazi

Thanks to decades of his work in the movies business and the broader entertainment industry, Paul Kyriazi is truly a veteran creator. However, he's clearly hungry for more, which is why he recently published his latest novel. Its name is Deadlier than the Human and it's available on Amazon. Here's how the novel describes itself:

Aliens leave four beautiful women in the desert. A young indie film producer inadvertently records the event. He joins an ex-Navy SEAL to discover the shocking secret of their mission on earth.

Some time ago, Paul Kyriazi created the Forbidden Power series in a similar process. It too is now not just an award-winning indie movie, but also a sequel novel. Deadlier than the Human also looks like an exciting tale for those who like the tried and tested approach of the now-classics sci-fi action genre.

Check out the book on Amazon and follow Paul Kyriazi on Twitter to stay up to date with his latest interesting project.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Two-Paragraph Review: Run Hide Fight (2020)


I'm always fascinated that the attention of the mainstream media is sometimes so easy to catch. In the case of the Run Hide Fight film, this focus came because of the fact that it explores the topic of a school shooting situation but one that is immersed in an even more sadistic and diabolical setting. While the movie is essentially an exploitation action flick, the media did its best to provide it with an abundance of free promotion. It has not been deserved.

When the media spotlight is turned off and the outrage dies down, what remains is a mediocre action movie with a few strong twists - if any - and an overkill of US high school stereotypes and tropes. Also, its grisly and gory moments have been presented in a way that is self-righteous and serious. This shows that the film clearly wants to embrace and disregard its exploitation of nature. That is never a cool move from any filmmaker and contemporary works like Green Room show how this should be done in the correct manner. The outcome of this embrace-push away approach is a film is much easier to watch than Elephant, but which also provides next to nothing emotionally, and very little as a purely bloody action adventure with a macabre, hot-button topic.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Short Movie Review: Pussie Control 2: Night At The Drive-In

Nine out of ten times, you can’t make a good movie if you don’t have a good script. In the case of indie short films, make that same rule ten out of ten. Fortunately for “Pussie Control 2: Night At The Drive-In'', that great script was present when this short film went into production. It was written by Bryan Bostic, who is also the director of the film. Thanks to the great script and an excellent cast, this short film ended up as an entertaining experience.

The plot takes Ryan and Tiana on a date at a drive-in theater. However, in the back seat is also Davion Pussie, Tiana’s pet cat. Davion is there determined to make sure this date goes nowhere and he is ready to do whatever it takes, which doesn’t exclude murder.

The film quickly sets up its premise and from there, hilarious dialogues ensue. Davion is a type of cat that carries a gun and is no stranger to all manner of thuggery. Throughout the movie, there are numerous jokes and skit-like moments as Ryan and Davion fight it out over Tiana. At the same time, Bostic is also adding further elements like cuts to other locations or even some gross (but hilarious) elements like Davion using his hairball to further threaten Ryan.

As the confrontation picks up speed, the setup, especially the photography and the camera on Davion, who is a puppet voiced by Myron L. Mayberry, has almost a Jordan Peel vibe to it. This comes from that weird humor that is mixed in with a bit of horror atmosphere. While this mixture is strange, Bostic makes it work like a charm. Of course, the cast also does a fantastic job - besides Mayberry, Rajane Devlugt as Tiana, and Taylor Byron Barr as Ryan all perform their parts more than convincingly.

When it comes to comedy short films, “Pussie Control 2: Night At The Drive-In'' shows how this genre is done effectively and very successful. Watch the entire film right here!

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Two Paragraph Review: The Devil All the Time (2020)

Hands down, the coolest thing about The Devil All the Time is the fact that the movie is based on a book and that its original author joined the movie as its narrator. The gruff and serious tone of Donald Ray Pollock's voice really gives the film a level of shine and emotional tone that is hard to beat. However, the movie sadly lacks any other such element.

Instead, what is likely a densely woven book becomes a festival of bad things happening to people. From dull serial killers to cancers, suicides, and child abuse, the story of this massively depressing tale is made up out of numerous equally depressive snippets. Yet, they all come together in some shape, but that mosaic doesn't help its flat, emotionally-void delivery and the star cast doesn't help either. This is why The Devil All the Time feels like a dark comedy of absurd where someone simply forgot to add the funny parts.