Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Indie Showcase: Forbidden Power (2018)

Forbidden Power seems like an ambitious movie that is mixing an interesting blend of genres. Here is how the film described its plot:

After a one night affair with a mysterious woman, a young man wakes up alone, empowered and with a cryptic message. He uses his power in business and then searches for the women to find out where her power came from.

The movie is written and directed by Paul Kyriazi, an industry veteran with more than four decades of movie business experience. This is probably the reason why he decided to combine things like science fiction, thriller, action, and mystery, each of which is a big challenge for independent production.

Yet, it seems that Kyriazi managed to hold his own.

As the trailer shows, the premise seems similar to the movie Limitless, in a sense that both films explore the idea of a man who suddenly attains incredible and almost supernatural powers. But, while Limitless uses a somewhat weak and passing underlying story, Forbidden Power takes its own into science fiction territory. Clearly, the same sci-fi concept only grows in relevance as the movie progresses, aiding the overall sense of mystery.

Thanks to its bold approach to a complex combination of genres, Forbidden Power seems like a film worth the time of anyone who is into an indie mystery and science fiction releases. If that sounds interesting to you, go ahead and watch it right now on Amazon.