Thursday, February 18, 2021

Two-Paragraph Review: Run Hide Fight (2020)


I'm always fascinated that the attention of the mainstream media is sometimes so easy to catch. In the case of the Run Hide Fight film, this focus came because of the fact that it explores the topic of a school shooting situation but one that is immersed in an even more sadistic and diabolical setting. While the movie is essentially an exploitation action flick, the media did its best to provide it with an abundance of free promotion. It has not been deserved.

When the media spotlight is turned off and the outrage dies down, what remains is a mediocre action movie with a few strong twists - if any - and an overkill of US high school stereotypes and tropes. Also, its grisly and gory moments have been presented in a way that is self-righteous and serious. This shows that the film clearly wants to embrace and disregard its exploitation of nature. That is never a cool move from any filmmaker and contemporary works like Green Room show how this should be done in the correct manner. The outcome of this embrace-push away approach is a film is much easier to watch than Elephant, but which also provides next to nothing emotionally, and very little as a purely bloody action adventure with a macabre, hot-button topic.