Saturday, June 26, 2021

Athens Metaxourgeio (Μεταξουργείο) Meta Lands - One of the Coolest Neighbourhoods in the World Calling on All Artists of the World!


Metaxourgeio district in Athens, One of the Coolest Neighbourhoods in the World is Calling on All Artists to come, to inspire and be inspired!
Every artist understands that there is a great amount of power in a particular place. Throughout history, countless individuals have found inspiration in such spots and that tradition continues to this very day. That is the reason why Metaxourgeio in Athens, Greece, is so important!

Watch the video to find out more.

Metaxourgeio has been listed among the 25 coolest neighborhoods in the world in 2018. This promotional video for the same initiative is also an excellent way to get a sense of the same place and join forces with other artists there.

Clearly, Metaxourgeio is a special place and filmmakers, just like any other artist out there, would surely find plenty of inspiration, visiting it. Find many exceptional photos of this magical neighborhood on Flickr for free, spread the word about this chance for all artists, and join the Athens Metaxourgeio Meta Lands Facebook page for future updates!