Friday, September 16, 2022

Romeo Yusupov - Powerful Short Documentary


The story of Romeo Yusupov is a tale of difficulties and never-ending challenges. It begins in his family's home in Chechnya, before the outbreak of the war in the early 1990s. A Russian missile strike destroys the same home, forcing the family to a journey over Pakistan, where Romeo was born, and then eventually to New Zealand. At a young age, Romeo became a citizen of the country, after his parents sacrificed a lot to provide the family with a new safe place to live. 

Unfortunately, Romeo's personal and professional struggles were only beginning. Those issues covered anorexia, depression, bullying, physical assaults, thoughts of self-harm, and even a full-on kidnapping on a trip to Pakistan. However, in the depth of despair, Romeo decided to turn his life around. Through concerted effort and hard work, he began a modeling career and eventually reached international stardom, as well as becoming the CEO of Weight Loss Mums.

The short documentary explores the incredible life of Romeo Yusupov in a layered approach. That includes actual photos and footage of the man himself, as well as a range of montages and stock elements that showcase the same, often harrowing, personal story. This is followed by a perfectly scored musical track and a powerful narration, showcasing together Romeo's struggles and resilience. The ending in particular brings the whole movie to a strong and poignant closure.

Inspirational and touching, the story of this short documentary dives deep into the personal life of its main character. It takes its viewers on a hard journey that is often difficult to watch, but which still ends up as a work that will connect with countless individuals across the world.