Friday, September 23, 2022

Hustle Beach (2022) - Indie Buddy Comedy about Dreams and Friendship

Life can be tough on anyone, but in Hustle Beach, it is particularly tough on four individuals, who are also great friends. Each of them has a range of problems, starting with their careers, families, relationships, and much more. But, as the pressures keep mounting, one of them has a great idea: he wants them all to move to a brand new country and start a big venture from scratch.

The same venture is a new record company, but things look like they won't be a pushover in Mexico either. However, the main character, Derek, is determined to make it big in the beautiful Puerto Lisco.

Directed by Mitchell McDowell, the film is a snappy comedy that uses the familiar buddy format but places it in a completely new place - a foreign country. Here, the same group of friends will enter just as hilarious situations as they did back home. All of this takes place as they strive to turn their lives into something better, which is something anyone in the audience can connect with.

If you're up for some good laughs and beautiful scenery of Mexican beaches, check out Hustle Beach on its Facebook page, IMDb page, but also watch it now on Tubi, where the same film is currently streaming!