Monday, August 29, 2022

Rescue (2022) - Combating the Darkness of Human Trafficking

Rescue is an independent film that took on a big challenge - it tells a story about a series topic but does it through being both a pure martial arts-based action film and a family drama, all at the same time. These genres usually do not easily fit together, but it quickly becomes clear that Rescue is not an ordinary indie film.

The movie opens up with Jake, a regular family man, going about his business. From the neighborhood to the office work, Jake leads an everyday life. His colleagues might not be the most effective workers and his daughter might caution him to avoid drinking too much, but overall, he is quintessential of normal life in the US. The same goes for his daughter Leah (played by Alexa Lohman), a teenager, who is still struggling with the loss of her mom and sister to an accident only a year ago. While Jake might be somewhat better at hiding it, his daughter has a much harder time coming to terms with their family tragedy. But, despite the same loss, both Leah and Jake are trying to go on with their lives.

The cinematography of the film showcases the same overall feel. The bright colors of a clear sky and sunny exteriors present a feeling of settled life, but a world of shadows lies just below the surface. That world emerges when Leah is suddenly kidnapped from a public place without any warning. Here, the film kicks into a whole new gear. While we quickly learn that Jake is a skilled martial artist, the moment his daughter is under threat changes everything. From a regular dad with his personal struggles, Jake turns into a man on a mission - to get his daughter back no matter what. With the help of a tech-savvy friend, he begins his hunt, while the human traffickers who got Leah have no clue what is coming for them.

Rescue manages to pull together a range of elements into a film that works both as an action movie and a family drama. Jason Lohman (who also plays the character of Jake) and Ted Tanaka co-directed the film and did a good job of balancing its two main elements. On top of that, a range of supporting characters also gives the film a lot of traction and flavor, from Jake's co-workers to a wide array of hardened criminals (all of whom come with their defined personalities). Through this interplay of two different genres, the film gradually builds into a powerful finish. There, the film boils down to a dramatic and action-packed finale, but still keeps the sense of ultimately being a movie about a father and a daughter.

By mixing a great cast and two demanding film genres, Rescue manages to turn itself into a powerful independent film about the dangers, toll, and impact of human trafficking. Find out more about the film on its official website as well as its Facebook fan page and see it for yourself!