Saturday, August 20, 2022

Rescue (2022) - Gripping Indie Action Drama

The scourge of human trafficking is a growing problem of the modern world. In fact, this horrifying practice is becoming more and more widespread and seemingly ever-present, even in countries like the US. Rescue is an indie action film that aims to tackle the same issue. It manages to do it in a very exciting and entertaining manner, but still showcases a very serious issue at the same time.

The film, directed by Jason Lohman and Ted Tanaka, showcases an ordinary US family, but one that experienced a huge tragedy. Jake recently lost his wife and older daughter to an accident. As he and his younger daughter Leah try to come to grips with this, Leah is kidnapped in broad daylight and from a public park. The intent of her kidnappers is to sell her to a drug cartel and Jake is the only thing that can stop Leah slipping away forever.

As the trailer shows, Rescue mixes real-life gripping emotions with some dynamic action sequences. Jake, played by Jason Lohman, has experience in martial arts and a burning determination to save his daughter. The martial art angle includes fight scenes, which is always impressive to see in an indie film, especially one that can pull these off - Rescue managed to do just that. Another big and interesting twist is the fact that Leah is played by Alexa Lohman, Jason's actual daughter. This gives the film a whole new type of dynamic and it really shows in the final result.

Thanks to this, it is no wonder that the film generated a lot of interest at the film festival circuit. So far it won six awards and one honorable mention, but it is certain that it will not stop there. Instead, new awards are likely incoming for it in the coming months. If you're interested in learning more about the film and the dark but important topic it covers, check out its official website as well as its Facebook fan page right now!