Sunday, November 30, 2014

Neary's Void - A short movie by Dillon Schohr

When it comes to weird stuff happening in the desert, LA filmmaker Dillon Schohr is definitively not a stranger to short movies which feature these elements.

But, unlike his last desert film Alone, this time Schohr sets his piece into the realm of science fiction, but underline this with a good and very developed soundtrack, as well as some fine photography that uses the natural contrasts of this arid land. In his latest short film, story follows a man who witnesses a stranger doing something strange in the remote area.

Soon, the story splits, and although I am pretty much in the dark when it comes to the narrative and its purpose, the presentation of it is very smooth, and it even managed to remind me of Banshee Chapter, a great atmospheric feature length piece. Watch Neary's Void right here.

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