Saturday, November 1, 2014

Crowdfunding Push: Vagina Bug

This short movie was already shot in August 2014, but now its author Michelle Dyer, who directed it, needs funds to compete its post-production. Vagina Bug describes its plot like this:

20-something Edith attends a perfect baby shower and struggles with the unrealistic expectation of women today. As her own anxieties push their way to the surface, Edith undergoes a shocking transformation that will leave herself, the women at the shower, and the audience fundamentally changed.

From the Indiegogo promotional video, it’s clear that a lot of effort went into this piece, especially its visual perspective. The scenes and the entire scenography setup look great, bordering on hallucinogenic, which will probably serve as a fine counterpoint to the things that occur later on (I’m guessing, not really pleasant ones). Now, Vagina Bug is looking for help through its Indiegogo campaign, currently securing only a few percent of their goal. Check out the campaign here and see if you can help.

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