Friday, November 21, 2014

Crowdfunding push: CONCLUSIONS

CONCLUSIONS is a short film about suicide. While many already have a strong opinion on this subject, recent events that included well-known figures taking their life have shown that there are conflicting thoughts about this act.

Like art should, CONCLUSIONS explores the issue, but does this from a slightly different perspective. Its short summary states:

Conclusions is a drama which deals with the subject of suicide to promote suicide prevention by giving the viewer something to think about. This is aimed towards people who may actually be going through depression or suicidal thoughts. It will follow the story of a young man and everything that makes him decide to end his own life. Then the story jumps back and tells the story from the perspective of another character which shows the real tragedy of his decision and what would have happened to him if he had not of jumped to CONCLUSIONS.

The key issue for me in this film is the fact that it deals with the ripple effect that any suicide has on its surroundings; while reality might be unimaginably hard for anyone contemplating this act, the fact is that other people will be significantly impacted by it. That is why I believe that CONCLUSIONS should be offered its chance to present this notion. The film's author Rodney Stewart began looking for funds through Indiegogo campaign, and is currently at around 10% of its goal. If this project sounds interesting, see how you can help Rodney here.

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