Friday, March 3, 2023

Tales of Atonement Episode 2 Development News!

It’s been a couple of months since the first episode of Tales of Atonement, a new and very dynamic web-animated series that came out. Initially, the animated version of the book series from A.A. Moreland generated plenty of attention, especially from fans of indie animation and fantasy. Over the coming weeks, the attention attracted a substantial following on its YouTube channel, which now has well over 1,000 subscribers. But, more importantly, there is some big news coming from the team when it comes to new episodes.

Presently, the whole Tales of Atonement team is working hard on the new episode, which is Episode 2. The story so far set in medieval Scotland built its foundation of intrigue and mystery, with a local family welcoming refugees from England who is escaping apparent religious persecution. The same involves accusations of one of the family members being accused of witchcraft. This, along with many interesting characters, great hybrid animation, and excellent sound, music, and voiceover work, makes Episode 1 a joy to watch. If you didn’t see it before, watch the entire episode right here:

Now, the next installment of the series should come out somewhere in May 2023, so it's basically around the corner. Yet, one of the most important mechanisms that would speed up the entire production would be if the Tales of Atonement Patreon page got some supporters. 
This way, the team would be able to create episodes in a much faster manner and get it to their growing audience with a smaller gap between the installments. So, if you can, support this amazing creative effort and check the team on TikTok and Facebook as well. But, most importantly, subscribe to the Tales of Atonement YouTube channel and be among the first to watch Episode 2 when it comes out!