Sunday, January 1, 2023

Tales of Atonement || Monomyth || Episode 1: The Day We Met - First Episode of a Promising Animated YouTube Series

Several months ago, Tales of Atonement promised to bring an innovative and engaging mixture of genres and storytelling approaches. Using a series of novels from A.A. Moreland, the animated adaptation, wanted to tap into the huge domain of digital tools that can create brand-new worlds of fiction.

Now, the first episode of Tales of Atonement is finally here and it more than lives up to the expectations. The story follows a family living in medieval Scotland, where a family greets a refugee couple and their daughter running from prosecution back in England. The Scottish family is somewhat shocked to hear that a member of the same family was accused of witchcraft, but still welcomes them with open arms. Watch the whole Episode 1 right here:

Almost immediately, the episode draws the viewers in, offering a range of interesting characters, all with their personalities and layered motives. The historical and geographical setting of the story gives it plenty of appeal, while the mystery of the plot is set up with great pacing.

From a technical standpoint, Tales of Atonement is also exceedingly effective. At its core, the series uses motion graphics of a standard coming book format. However, it adds to them fantastic voiceovers, with authentic accents, as well as a range of other elements. These include actual full-motion videos, short vignettes of things like doors opening, and other similar things that really help the world of Tales of Atonement come to life. Even the sound design, with sound effects and accompanying music score.

There is a lot to be excited about when it comes to this unique animated series. The future episodes will only expand on the great foundations that Episode 1 established and many fans of fantasy and animation will surely find a lot of enjoyment by following Tales of Atonement! If you’re one of them, subscribe to the channel now and be there for Episode 2 and the whole series!