Saturday, December 10, 2022

Two Paragraph Review: The Last Duel (2021)

Life was not easy in medieval France, especially for women, The Last Duel tells us. Even if the setting and context of the particular incident that the film examines remain a clear-cut situation, the times of this historical drama show the full scope of danger that women of the day faced. The Last Duel is directed by Ridley Scott, so a strong cast is no surprise. The film stars Adam Driver, Matt Damon, and Jodie Comer, all of whom are stellar.

The movie is set in 14th-century France and tells the story of a knight named Jean de Carrouges, who is forced to defend his wife's honor in a deadly duel against his former friend and one-time comrade, Sir Jacques Le Gris. Over a Rashomon-like retelling of its main story, the film explores the nuances of the period and its sheer multilayered brutality. But, thanks to excellent actors and a great director, it does it in a very engaging and heartfelt manner, even when the actions of its characters are despicable from a modern perspective.