Thursday, October 13, 2022

MFM Interview: Douglas Vermeeren

Movies, Films, and Movies (MFM): The domain of the movie industry is ever-changing, which is why it's often hard to keep track of so many names working in it. How would you describe Douglas Vermeeren to those who never heard of the same name?

Douglas: In short, Douglas Vermeeren is an actor, director and producer. But, I would say that he is best known for his work on several international award winning personal development documentaries.

MFM: You've been in the movie business for many years and that stems from your childhood love of cinema. But, what were the biggest influences that steered you toward the film industry?

Douglas: I developed an interest in film quite young. I loved films like Star Wars, Indy Jones, and Back to the Future. I knew I wanted to be part of that magic. My mom helped me get my first agent when I was a kid and the first show I did was for CBC. I played a newspaper boy. After that, I ended up studying film in college. While there I continued to study acting. But I also realized there were stories I wanted to tell.

MFM: Today, you have one of the most diverse movie careers one could imagine, covering everything from stunt work to writing and directing. However, in what acting role do you predominantly see yourself in the next 10 years?

Douglas: I think every guy wants to be a hero. I like that too. But I also like to play villains. Everybody knows that baddies have more fun. But seriously, I’d like to try a comedy or something romantic. I can be romantic, right?

MFM: Your upcoming project includes the cruise ship industry. Could you tell us a bit more about that?

Douglas: It’s actually pretty cool. I speak on cruise ships several times a year about the personal development projects I’ve done and they asked me for some additional movies that are fun and motivating. My team and I decided to create a set of films for this and they are now sending those films to pretty much all of the ships.

MFM: Your path in the movie industry has been more than unique. With your diverse experience, what would you suggest to young people looking to break into the business today?

Douglas: There will be people who will tell you that you can’t do a thing. Some people will tell you you’re not good enough. They will give you all the reasons in the world why you won’t succeed. Don’t believe them. You will also have haters. Jealousy and hate are signs of an ignorant person. Did you know the most successful people in the world have all been told the same story and have all had haters? So when someone tries to stop you, you can’t take that as evidence that you are about to do something great and it scares other people. That’s why they are critical. Keep going. They don’t know you. They don’t know your heart. They don’t know your abilities. If you were inspired to do a thing there was a reason for it. Trust that. Get to work. Push farther. Stay focused. Thank them for their thoughts. And then go prove them wrong.

MFM: Thank you so much for your time, Douglas!