Friday, May 4, 2018

Indie Showcase: Ring of Silence (2018)

Human trafficking is a horrific process that oddly enough, is seemingly getting more prevalent in the modern world. The same is true for any country on the planet, no matter how developed it might be.

A new feature-length movie called the Ring of Silence explores this very idea and does so right in the hearth of the United States. Here is how the film describes itself:

When a young girl falls in love with a sweet and charming stranger, she soon finds out that her fairy tale doesn't lead to wonderland, but to a far more seedy underbelly of society.

The film features a high-end production aesthetics, opening with gentle shots of a normal life that any young girl would lead anywhere in the US. But then, inside of vibrant colors and soft, almost dream-like environment, the movie then takes a turn for the worst, mimicking the experience many other individuals have with human trafficking.

At one point, everything is fine and life's a huge adventure. At the next one, the same life becomes a living nightmare from where there seems to be no escape. What is even worse is the fact that real life is just around the corner, almost in hand’s reach.

Ring of Silence delves deep into the same issue, showing both the price of human trafficking and its prevalence in a world that would that never seem like a place where this happens regularly. All of this sounds like a very grueling story, but also one that needs to be told but also seen by those who believe human trafficking happens far, far away.

For more information about the film, check out its official Facebook fan page.