Sunday, May 27, 2018 – An Upcoming Streaming Service Specializing in Action Movies!

For me, action movies are the bread and butter of filmmaking. They, along with thriller and drama, are the essential genres and a perfect place where up-and-coming filmmakers learn the trade and get a foothold in the big-time movie business. However, unlike the other two genres, action often ends up being a butt of the joke and many people tend to see it, in general, as mindless fun which rarely comes with any deeper meaning. I disagree with all of them and that’s why I’m happy to see initiatives like the recent Here is how the upcoming streaming service describes itself: will be a Global Streaming Broadcaster specializing in independent Action Movies and Subgenres made by creative filmmakers around the globe. Global Streaming means that ACTIONFLIX movies can be watched in all territories around the world, on any platform (iPhone, laptops, tablets, Apple TV, Xbox, etc.). The filmmakers will not only share movies but most importantly, also share stories about the making of these productions. We’re creating a community where audiences and filmmakers come together around their common love for this genre.

The idea is a brilliant one because it provides a service that seems like something that should already exist. For me, two key things prop up this concept - firstly, as I mentioned, this is a way how many filmmakers got their big breaks. Roel Reiné, the director behind this initiative, entered the business this way and now he wants to help others do the same. At the same time, I’m appreciating the fact that this is a business venture for its creators as well.

Throughout the distribution of these films, everyone will get a piece of the viewers’ payments, so it is a sound concept from an economic standpoint. I have no doubt that there is a big and growing market for low-budget action films, especially if they are provided through an organized and curated service like

Currently, the project is just starting and several phases are still to come. But, you can get on board by finding more at the official website (which is currently under construction) or send an email to to find out more!