Thursday, March 12, 2015

Crowdfunding push - Extinction: Prologue

A new post-apocalyptic short film is looking for crowdfunding help in realizing its vision of a deserted and destroyed planet Earth. The film’s Indiegogo page states:

Twenty-five years after a cataclysmic event killed most life on Earth, a lonesome wanderer discovers an abandoned housing complex in the middle of a forest. There he meets another survivor – a weird old man who constantly talks about a long-lost friend called "Matthew". When the hermit is willing to share his greatest treasure, the wanderer decides to stay for a while. However, there is more to this strange place than meets the eye, since the apocalypse unleashed something that was hidden for a very long time...

Although it is not too original in its setup, Extinction: Prologue is being produced by the Avenir Film Company and judging their ambitious teaser, they seem really capable of making a nice post-apocalyptic story (especially in the area of photography and how they position and operate the camera in the shots). Also, they are aiming for more films in the same narrative universe (another sign of ambition). Currently, their campaign crossed 30% of the funds they are looking for, and if you think you can help them, check out their official page.

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