Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Crowdfunding push: Bad Acid

Mixing hard drugs and horror tales already sounds like a good idea, but when you throw a washed-out hypnotist in the mix, you get the basic outline of a very promising short film called Bad Acid. The plot of the film goes like this:

Marvin Maskelyn is a hypnotist and magician whose success has come and gone leaving him a bitter divorcee with nothing in the bank and a penchant for getting stoned. After a performance that went from bad to bloody awful, Marvin acquired a black eye but lost his beloved prop of a genie lamp. Visiting an antique dealer friend who pities him, Marvin is given an antique lamp with a chequered past and a secret stash of LSD blotters within. With nothing left to lose, he takes one.

The man behind the crowdfunding campaign that aims to make this film a reality is David Chaudoir, who wrote the script and plans to direct it. Chaudoir explains that he has gathered a lot of filmmaking experience, but that now, with Bad Acid, he desires to make something truly his.

While LSD and supernatural elements seem to fit perfectly into a horror tale, I am really impressed with the Bad Acid pitch on their Indiegogo page. By the looks of Chaudoir presentation and underlining (and a very natural and unforced) passion, I can’t see how this film can turn out anything else by awesome. Bad Acid crowdfunding campaign began on this very day, so the film has 30 days to find the money. If all of this sounds interesting to you, check out the film's Indiegogo page.

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