Friday, January 2, 2015

Crowdfunding push: We Are Soldier

Military science fiction is a genre where independent films of the 21st century really entered a new domain of possibilities. Recently, I wrote about a miniature masterpiece of effective cinema called Mis-Drop and it perfectly shows indie potential when it comes to these kinds of stories. Now, a project about a similar militarized dystopian future needs help with its completion. The official We Are Soldier Indiegogo page states:

A former violent criminal, forcibly reprogrammed to be a mindless Battle Drone, regains his self-awareness in the heat of battle and must escape the clutches of his own forces whilst maintaining his newly-found humanity, or die trying.

This is the story of We Are Soldier, an ambitious, independent Sci-Fi thriller set in the not-too distant future.

Led by myself Lee Asquith-Coe (Writer, Director), we have assembled a crew of the finest quality armed with years of experience and talent. From our DoP, to our Armourer, our VFX Supervisors, Prosthetics, Production Design and Pyro, our team is a skilled and committed one with a shared vision - to create an exciting and dynamic movie that can hold its own against the big boys.

The existing short trailer shows promise when it comes to pacing and cinematography, which is especially evident in the combo of low light and menacing music (done really well for the promo video). Currently, the crowdfunding campaign reached 25%, so check out how you can help if We Are Soldier looks interesting to you.

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