Thursday, January 22, 2015

Crowdfunding push: Albion

After We Are Soldier, here is another Sci-Fi short that seems really interesting. It includes crash landings and ancient relics, which is a solid starting point while adding the Arthurian legend sprinkles even more flavor onto it. This is what the official Albion Indiegogo page states:

A long friendship will be put to the test when Arthur and Eric crash on the continent of ALBION. They are occupied in the search for an ancient artifact, but when they stumble across a native of the hostile world, a struggle for power will come to the fore and both of our heroes will have to decide – who returns home, and who DIES. This is the origins of - KING ARTHUR.

Although the notion of Sci-Fi in the woods isn't too exciting, the feel of the pilot for this short film has a few things going for it, including the crucial atmosphere of danger and discovery, along with a welcomed focus on the characters. Albion just began their campaign and have currently passed a few percent of their targeted budget of 1000 British pounds (which is pretty modest). Check their Indiegogo page here and see if you are interested in helping out.

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