Saturday, December 28, 2019

Indie Showcase: THE DOORS BETWEEN US (2019)

A good indie film utilizes the elements it has and downplays those it might miss. In the case of THE DOORS BETWEEN US, the good elements are most definitely actors and a solid script. The lacking ones include a choice of location and overall cinematic visual potential. Yet, this doesn’t ultimately hurt the film. Here's how it describes itself:

Eight complete strangers are tested like never before when they wake up locked inside a mysterious house. With no memory of how or why they are there paranoia takes over, forcing them to make their own decisions on who to trust and how best to escape.

Developed by Janky Jank Productions, THE DOORS BETWEEN US sets out as a horror. There, its warped lifeboat scenario is quickly divided among different characters. All of them are unique and easily distinguishable between each other, which is a big plus for the film right off the bat. 

Then, in no time at all, all these different creatures start to interact with each other and try to solve their predicament. Throughout all of this, a strange mixture of comedy and horror keeps the audience engaged and maintains a connection with both the situation and those finding themselves in it.

Yes, the film would do well with some high production values and more consistent use of camera angles and the overall non-verbal atmosphere. But having in mind that this is an indie movie, the results of the modest set up on more than impressive.

As the simple setup slowly builds and builds the film gets a stronger hook into its viewers. While the resolution itself might be hit-and-miss for many, the actual experience of watching this almost play-like movie is well worth the time for any independent film fan.