Monday, September 9, 2019

Short Film Showcase: Twisted (2019)

In just 16 minutes, the short film Twisted aims to do something really ambitious: present a suspenseful drama that sets off one ordinary evening and ends with a tragedy for one and possibly two people. By using some effective editing and a non-linear storytelling, the film quickly sets up its main pieces and presents the audience with the match between them. Here’s the film’s plot:

Christopher Thomas and his wife Jessica are having what one might say is a healthy relationship until the truth comes out. After a long workday, Chris decides to go out for drinks with a few male coworkers. This is when the troubles he has at home with his wife comes out. Things take a turn for the worst when he wakes up to his wife deceased. Now he must prove his innocence before it’s too late.

Written and directed by John Owens, this movie was produced by Gold Hill Entertainment and Talton Media Group. Thanks to their support, Twisted seems like a very complex work, in spite of its short run time. In this timeframe, the movie presents a downward spiraling of the main character Chris, who just wanted to get a few drinks with his buddies.
As the trailer shows, the film uses close to a double-digit number of characters, all seemingly important for the story. Their brief interactions and jumping from one moment in time to the next to give the film a sense of building tension and pressure. Like in all good short films, in Twisted, all of these strains quickly come together to provide a deep-impacting ending.

If you love suspense and drama, check out Twisted on its Amazon Prime page.