Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Documentary: A Lillie In A Valley (2018)

The modern age is seemingly a time of infinite change. From the end of the 19th century to this very day, the world seems to be constantly evolving in an unprecedented manner. But, imagine witnessing the same process almost from the start of the 20th century right through to the present moment. A Lillie In A Valley is a documentary that covers this exact concept through a story of a very special yet very regular lady living in the US. Here's how the film describes itself:

A Lillie In a Valley., “The story of Lillie B. Johnson”, is a non-fiction documentary film celebrating the life and services of Lillie B. Johnson, an African American woman who has been blessed to be on this earth for over a century as she turns 103 years of age. Born on April 16, 1912, Lillie B. Johnson has lived through many countless historical events including segregation and the civil rights movement, as well as lived to witness the inauguration of the first black president of the United States of America; all in which has took place during her lifetime.

As a pillar within the Wheeler County community, Lillie B. Johnson is valued and appreciated by an innumerable amount of family members, friends, and stakeholders within the rural South-East Georgia town. She has touched and influenced many generations of people who have went on to become successful in life. The story has true disposition in highlighting the importance of family as well as uncovering the true essence of what it means to value God, family, and love. This particular film captures the annual birthday celebration as family and friends prepare for the event that takes place on Lillie B. Johnson St.

Only imagining the life and the events this woman went through it strange, inspiring and terrifying, all at the same time. The documentary about her is using a very clear and direct approach to tell her story, especially when it comes to the people around her. From the horrific legacy of the-not-so-distant past at the moment of her birth to her witnessing of the civil rights movement and the time of hope that came after it, there is no doubt that not many people on this planet share Lillie’s perspective.

Here, the film shows how many completely different generations have risen alongside Lillie, sharing their struggles and achievements with her and her life’s story. Because of the interesting subject matter and a straightforward approach to it, A Lillie In A Valley seems like a very important document for all current and future generations.