Monday, November 13, 2017

Documentary: An Inflammatory Approach (2017)

Copyright: Dreamscape Media
The place where Western pharmaceutical and medical practices meet and clash with those outside of the same realm is always an interesting one. Teddy Hayes, a UK filmmaker recently explore the same domain when he traveled to India to meet a doctor who developed a completely new approach aimed at resolving inflammatory illnesses. The result is a fascinating film called An Inflammatory Approach and here’s what the documentary page states:

A medical discovery offers an alternative treatment to inflammatory-related diseases. Bobbili, India is where the work of Dr. Apparao Peddapalli has reaped incredible medical results despite business-related conspiratorial challenges-specifically the systematic discounting of his proven results by government and global pharmaceutical companies. 

It's a pay-to-play medical conspiracy that leaves millions of people worldwide without access to an inexpensive treatment for their ills. See the film’s trailer below:

In the modern day and age, inflammatory issues, especially when they are chronic in nature, are a huge burden both for those who are suffering from them and the medical system that deals with the symptoms, but often fail to deal with the root cause. Now, An Inflammatory Approach tries to shine a light on the manner in which the big pharma suppress potentially huge discoveries taking place outside of the Western science fields.

Shot in the same vibrant Indian location where the research and appliance of Dr. Peddapalli took place, the documentary looks exceedingly interesting not only for those who can relate to chronic inflammatory diseases, but to anyone interested in the general state of human health and the ways it can be improved (or how the same improvement sometimes gets blocked for profit).

Learn more about the film at its official page at Dreamscape Media.