Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Indie Showcase: Pain & Music (2016)

Over the last few years or even the previous two decades, there have been some very solid cinematic works of art about the world of African-American music scene. Currently, Empire is a TV show that found mainstream success with its formula, while the slightly less-known Atlanta made by the brilliant Donald Glover is leagues in front of it when it comes to its simplicity and humor.

In the movie domain, Hustle & Flow made a few ripples over a decade ago but has practically disappeared since. Now, a new indie movie desires to continue on this path. It is called Pain & Music and it's currently available on Amazon Prime. Here's its official description:

Nevaeh Falls in love with Gunz a notorious stick-up kid from Virginia who promises to make her dreams come true at making it big in the music industry. A hood classic sure to leave you at the edge of your seat, full of twists & turns. Drugs, sex, murder, & music. Based on true events. A gangsta love story from a female perspective.

The description is honest and brutal just as much as the film aims to be, which its trailer shows off perfectly. The movie, just like its story, is often rough in its depiction of its character, much in the same way life itself treated them. While the glitz and the glamour of making it big on the music scene as an African-American seem to be a dream come true, the road to that dream is anything but dreamlike.

With an unapologetic approach to this cruel side of the show business, Pain & Music, which starts the multi-talented Shafone Collier is something you will definitely enjoy if you love the always-vibrant US "hood" genre.