Sunday, October 23, 2016

Crowdfunding Push: The Toymaker

There is a strange and inherent magic in the notion of toys, no matter where they come from, to whom they belong or what price tag they might once carried. A new mixture of a documentary and an animated feature desires to explore the idea of toys and how they made an impact on a man who produces them. 

This film is called the The Toymaker and it's currently in the final stretch of its crowdfunding. Here's how the movie presents itself on its official IndieGoGo page

THE TOYMAKER is a full-length film that mixes documentary, fiction and animation. It's about the life of the musician, collector and awarded Venezuelan toymaker Mario Calderón. THE TOYMAKER is a true story, told by Mario and his toys. It is a travel back to childhood and memory, a mix of Toy Story and Buena Vista Social Club. THE TOYMAKER is a story about the importance of keeping alive our inner child.

The footage of the film looks really polished and the idea behind the film is rock-solid for a whimsical piece like this one. Currently, the crowdfunding attained slightly over 20% of its target with two days to go. Even though the project will likely not hit its target, this is a flexible campaign and the Toymaker deserves to happen.

Check out its IndieGoGo page here and see how you can help it out!