Friday, December 12, 2014

Crowdfunding push: Divine

Contemporary Berlin is the setting for this short film, and two completely opposite characters are examined in it, both coming from the Russia. The official Indiegogo description explains the film like this:

Divine is a short film that follows two young, very different, Russian expatriates living in Berlin with an aim to explore how our unfulfilled dreams and desires soon catch up with us. Alina, forced into the dark work of prostitution, finds herself speaking to Anna, a well kept woman, after she answers a ringing telephone booth phone. Faced with questions of her aspirations, she is left with a two-pronged path and a decision to make.

I noticed this film mostly thanks to its minimalistic elegance, and an almost creepy but still somehow emotionally stinging soundtrack. By the looks of its current production state, it has a great chance to become a strong drama about the sadness of modern global nomadic lifestyles filled with loneliness. Currently, Divine crossed 70% of its target on Indiegogo campaign, so check it out if you would like to help it see made.

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