Wednesday, October 1, 2014

So bad it’s good: Bangkok Dangerous

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Here is a prime example why Nicholas Cage became the stuff of memes in recent years. This film, made in 2008 is a great tribute to a unique autistic approach which he often takes in those projects that just don’t rock his boat.

Featuring a really bad haircut, which would be ideal for a hung over Columbian drug lord just waking up in 1982, Cage’s character Joe is a jaded assassin who travels to Bangkok for a series of hits. Joe obviously offers his services in bundle form and probably includes a discount in line of “buy three murders and get one free” deals. Being that he is an American, he needs someone local who can help him with deliveries and other similar petty things, so he hires Kong, a local young man who is willing to provide these services.

Pang brother directed this film, and there is definitely a bit of exotic flavor to their editing style, especially in those scenes which feature driving around the city (some even look a bit like a knockoff version of Only God Forgives). But, at the same time, there are plenty more location shots which look like a poorly made tourist advertisement which targets the middle age crowd looking to experience Thailand.

But, as the plot develops, this bad film slowly mutates into a really fun experience. Joe finds a love interested in the form of a mute pharmacist, and takes her on a series of creepy dates which include meeting her old mom. All the while, Cage continues his weird performance where he is unable to translate any kind of positive feeling of affection without looking like a confused alien who wears a human suit. Action scenes follow this trend, gradually sinking deeper into B-movie territory of warehouses and rooms filled with plastic bottles.
Directorial duo adds weight to this entertaining awfulness by inserting flashback sentences about the geo-political situation in the country (“He is a good politician, people love him” type of things) which Joe received from his faithful companion Kong. These help this bitter killer to find out that he still cares about humanity, although not enough to get a haircut.

Bangkok Dangerous, especially its second half has a lot to offer in the way of laughs and cringes to anyone who appreciates a good terrible film.

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