Thursday, October 23, 2014

Down the Cape - Watch a Full Indie Comedy-Drama Online

Down the Cape is an independent film about growing up and drinking in the sun soaked parts of the globe when you’re young and not in school.

Its promotional description states that the story follows a group of friends from high school who travel to Cape Cod for a party weekend. Now on college, they started to create new identities, but their vacation forces their old roles to reappear. Accompanied by booze, the gang reevaluates their ideas about themselves (past, current and future) as well as their perception of the old friendships.

The film was created by Shane Michael Butler and at a first glance includes a solid sound design (the traditional nemesis of indie films), a camera operator who knows what he or she is doing and a modest subject. It also opens up with a nice, subtle joke (the garbage cans) which I found very reassuring. As a full movie available online, anyone who is remotely interested should take a look. Watch the full Down the Cape right here!

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