Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Crowdfunding Push: The Girl from the Wilderness

Here is a short post-apocalyptic films set in the frozen, post-WW3 landscape that recently began their crowd-funding campaign. It is called The Girl from the Wilderness and its summary states:

The Girl from the Wilderness is a live-action sci-fi dystopia about a worker who is influenced by a prisoner girl to rebel against their leader and to open a box that may contain their last hope for survival.

The Girl from the Wilderness concept art
The page offers a pitch video that begins with a “nuclear montage”, accompanied by a narrator who delivers a short and foreboding monologue. Although it is not much, the atmosphere of the intro is enough to paint the picture of where the production is going, and it looks melancholic and very dark. But making it live action will definitely be a challenge for this small crew.

The Girl from the Wilderness currently past their 30% mark so check out their Kickstarter page and decided if you want to help them make this film happen.

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