Monday, December 10, 2018

Indie Showcase: Paraplegics List (2015)

This independent action horror is a good example of the long tradition of experimental films in these genres. Instead of going for a tried and tested formula of making a low-budget but a standard movie (like Last Shift, for example), the director of Paraplegics List Shafeeq Muhammad decided to take a different approach with this release. Here is how the film defines itself:

Three urban detectives in conflict with each other must hunt down a mythological clown killer who preys on the unsuspecting disabled all while balancing their personal lives. In the meantime, recent savage tortures/killings go on unresolved in the Chicago Hood crime scene. Time is running out as more victims become more frequent and they try to avoid being a part of the paraplegics list.

The plot reads as a strong homage to the entire movement of exploitation flicks of the 1970s and 1980s, especially because of the horrendous idea of a serial killer hunting the disabled. 

At the same time, the brand of horror the film uses and shows off in the trailer is something more in the line with the modern Saw series. In many ways, both cinematographic approaches could blend well together and Paraplegics List was clearly looking to do the same.

Also, the film is a feature-length work (almost 90 minute runtime) but its style and execution seem very similar to the low-fi cinematographic approach. From the visual effects al the way to the camera angles and use of varied material to present its story, it is a work that will appeal to all those who are not fans of the overly produced, overly ironed-out Hollywood films.

Muhammad’s style, like the entire film, will probably not sit well with everyone, but anyone who is interested in watching releases that are different will likely find this movie worthwhile in some shape or form. Paraplegic List is available on Amazon Prime so check out its official page and give it a look!