Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Crowdfunding Push: The Great Heartbeat

The realm of human emotion and experience is one of the huge uncharted frontiers we’re, as a species, are only starting to discover. A new documentary movie is looking for support to make one such exploration -  The Great Heartbeat aims to look into the realm of love and its impact on the way we function both a society and individuals. Here is how the campaign for the same film defines itself:

The Movie is Called The GREAT HEARTBEAT is about spreading LOVE throughout the world In Unity. A Human Journey to Remember Who we Really Are and in every step of the journey we find that the Connection that everyone has in common in the world is LOVE and through that HEART Space that Sacred Place finds that people are the Greatest Gift to this world and in Love & Unity with the Creator is the Bridge to Peace on Earth. A Quest to bring that Vision to Reality ONE Connection at a time.  

Some might agree with the statements about love and its role in the human experience, while others might disagree. But, no matter what opinion a person might have about this emotion, no one can deny the power it has on anyone who is influenced by it in their own way.

The Great Heartbeat, just like any other film with a similar topic is important because it dares to explore the same space, even though it is often hard to explain both by words or images something as basic as love. Whatever the result of the exploration might be, the journey to the same destination is the thing that is most important and the creators of this film seem to fully understand that.

The film is looking for $25,000 and its crowdfunding campaign just began on Kickstarter. The backers of the film will also be able to receive a T-Shirt featuring the movie's signature image. Check out how you can help right here and use your money or online voice to help The Great Heartbeat get made!