Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Crowdfunding Push: Let's get Kevin Smith to Amsterdam!

If you like independent films, you most probably like Kevin Smith. As a director, Smith has had his hits and misses, but always tries to produce something fresh and exciting, even when it goes horribly wrong

But, aside from making some incredible films that shaped many excellent directors that started out, like Smith, with a camcorder and a lot of guts, the man is a genius speaker. It’s enough to experience his Giant Spider Producer story and see that his gift to inform and entertain large groups of people rivals that of his cinematographic skill.

Now, a group of enthusiasts is trying to bring Kevin Smith to Amsterdam, Netherlands and allow him to perform in this city, but also answer the questions from the audience. The same visit should take place on his Yoga Hosers movie promotion tour when the city could be added to the list. Their crowdfunding campaign allows interested individuals to purchase tickets and this way fund his appearance. Currently, the project is about 22% funded. It will only work if the full sum is attained or else, there’s going to be no hockey T-shirt wearing Smith in Amsterdam.

But, if the crowdfunding is successful and surpasses the needed sum, the same event could even be filmed and released on VOD or DVD. While this is not certain, for all of us who cannot reach Amsterdam, a new video of Kevin Smith talking and performing his unique kung fu sounds like a brilliant idea.

So, if you’re a Kevin Smith fan or a fan of filmmaking and wacky stories from the world of US cinema, head out to Let's get Kevin Smith to Amsterdam! and help make this happen.