Sunday, June 19, 2016

Crowdfunding Push: Kill Pill - PHASE 1

When a horror crowdfunding campaign describes itself as It Follows meets The Walking Dead you have no choice but to take notice. Here's the additional info provided by the film creators:

In a remote English town, pregnant 17-year-old Ellie is babysitting her little sister Molly. After receiving a panic-stricken phone call from her twin brother Leo, Ellie drives to the house party that is taking place at a small abandoned castle to find her brother. Once Ellie arrives with Molly at the remote house party, they descend inside. Once they reach Leo, we discover he has been attacked by Killa ( the father of Ellie’s baby).  After a confrontation with Killa, the group reunites to realize Molly is missing.  Suddenly chaos descends as the party goers begin to transform into rage infected cannibals.

In recent years, several interesting horror crossover films came about in the UK and this seems like a potential continuation of the same trend. Aside from experienced filmmakers, the project has some great concept art going for it as well. Currently, their Indiegogo campaign is at about 10% of the needed funds and there is 20 days to go till it is completed.

Check out Kill Pill - PHASE 1 and see if you would like to help it out in some way.