Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Indie Showcase: Art of Love (2019)

Art and love might seem like a natural pairing in numerous situations. After all, ever since the days of the ancient past, art did explore in so many shapes and forms the concept of love. Yet, while so many works of art try to approach the subject from a philosophical, grand, and even emotionally detached perspective, some try to observe love and art in the contemporary setting, through the eyes of regular people who work hard to survive and thrive in an often ruthless and uncaring world. Art of Love is a feature-length indie title that tries to do just this. Here is how the film describes its plot:

In this drama filled Romantic Comedy, Mike, a painter/poet who does not believe in love, falls for another artist Inami, as the two deal with separate relationships in their own lives. Mike leaves one relationship, to become a bachelor and tattoo artist, Inami has interest in Mike's childhood friend who taught him to tattoo, and friendships and relationships come in between a romance that may eventually fall apart.

Made by eVision Studios, this movie is nothing if not ambitious. The cast is headed by Denisha Hardemen and Kevo. They star as Mike and Imani in this complicated love story about two black artists. In fact, their challenges are numerous - for example, Mike tries to enter the tattoo business with no prior experience, apart from being a painter and ends up being a complete disaster. But, he doesn't quit, just as Inami doesn't want to quit from their relationship.  At times, the hurdles they face seem like too much for either one of them to bear.

Yet, the film, directed by Dominique Draper, provides a deep-rooted sense of optimism that reaches far beyond the grim prospects of everyday life for many in the African-American communities. In that lies its powerful message of trying and hoping, no matter what are the odds. In fact, there’s a strong sense that the film believes equally in both art and love, as it presents its two main characters and their endeavors with each other and the world at large. Of course, all of that is followed by some great R&B and soul tunes.

Trough this simple, down-to-earth story, the film manages to show that love and art can be something very tangible and inspiring both at the same time. Watch the entire Art of Love movie right here: