Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Short Film Review: Spilled Paint (2019)

The plot of the Spilled Paint short film begins as an old-school jazz tune - full of beat and with rising tension. In the movie, the audience is quickly introduced to Patrick, a painter, who is very unpleasantly (even though not yet extremely violently) questioned by a crime boss. The painter made a mistake: he borrowed $10,000 from the same criminal and now it is time to pay up.

Of course, he also made an additional mistake which has been ongoing for some time: he is disorganized, unable to focus and on moments, not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.

But, he gets a break. The boss will give him a week to get the money. Naturally, with nowhere to turn, the painter realizes his only option is to create a masterpiece of end up very hurt or even worse.
He goes back home and gets to work, all the while as the tension, just like that jazz tune, builds up.

Spilled Paint was directed by Enock Dorestan and it’s an interesting piece that bridges comedy, thriller and even a trace of social commentary. The last part of the film appealed to me the most. As the painter wastes time and slowly throws away his one shot at getting out of this mess, the notions of artistic value and inspiration get into Dorestan’s focus. The film boldly jumps through the story’s timeline, including the introduction of Patrick’s girlfriend Helena. She is played by Justine Renee, who is the most impressive cast member. In many ways, Helena is the voice of reason but also the hand of blind divine intervention at the same time.

Just as the story crawls to its potentially violent conclusion it is Helena who makes the world of difference. From that point on, the movie reminded me in its essence to the Exit Through the Gift Shop. In a short few final minutes, Dorestan turns the movie on its head and showcase some fundamental questions similar to the famous 2010 documentary, including what is the actual worth of art and does the artist's intent figure into this.

Through this ending, especially the final scene that was shot in a very gentle manner, Spilled Paint finishes, completely unexpectedly, on a really high note. Find out more about this great short film on its official page at and watch it in its entirety right here!