Saturday, March 24, 2018

Indie Showcase: Karma (2018)

Friendship and loyalty are things we respect throughout the world and seemingly ever since we became aware of ourselves as a species. However, can both of these ideas push people into horrible decisions and even worse actions? These are the questions that are raised by Karma, a new indie thriller created by SummerTyme Productions. Here’s the film’s synopsis:

It's Ciana's Birthday and she is lucky enough to have six friends to spend it with. After a celebration the seven of them cozy up on the beach to socialize, reminisce, and tell scary stories. Little do they know they're about to endure a real scary story of their own.
When one friend is attacked, the girls turn around and attack her attackers. Murder, mayhem, resentment, and betrayal consume them. With two overzealous cops on their trail as well as the Karma that the girls are enduring, they are becoming more and more frantic about the outcome of their situation and hope they can stop everything before it's too late.

From a simple setup, Karma builds a complex and tense story of how do we deal with our actions and what are we willing to do to protect our loved ones, even when they are clearly wrong. The trailer of the film shows a raw drama unfolding before the lens of the camera, focused more on the plot and the characters than on the cinematographic value.

In whole, the movie seems like a part-documentary, part live-action, which gives it that eerie feeling of seeming close to the audience. This story is not something out of the ordinary, the film tells its viewers. This is something that can happen to anyone, including - you. The same approach really drives it home, especially for such a small indie film. The plot works mainly because it unfolds outside of its budgetary constrictions to provide something that seems genuinely engaging.

Thanks to all of that, the movie appears more than interesting for an independent thriller. Find out more about Karma on its official website or watch it right now at Amazon Prime Video.