Sunday, February 26, 2017

My Take on the 89th Academy Awards

The 89th Academy Awards are almost here and for this year, I decided to drop my prediction list which kind of sucked in the previous years and simply list the Oscars that I hope will go to some people or works of art, along with the reasons I believe they deserve them.

In the Best Picture category, I'm rooting for Arrival hands down, mainly because it's the best work of AAA science fiction in a long time. Some might find it a bit emotionally manipulating, but I'm not one of those heartless ice-people. When it comes to Actor and Actress in a Leading Role category, I don't have any favorites, but I would really love is plenty of people on those lists didn't get one. The same goes for the supporting roles and here I have to call out Jeff Bridges who once more acted as Rooster Cogburn from True Grit, so his nomination is really a laughing matter.

In the Directing category, I'm once again rooting for Arrival and its director Denis Villeneuve, as well as in the Adapted Screenplay category. In the Original Screenplay category, I hope that The Lobster gets it for the sheer heck of it, even though chances are slim. And that's about all I got on the Oscars 2017.