Friday, July 1, 2016

Crowdfunding Push: Custodian

The domain of crowdfunding provides incredible opportunities for artists, but also, sometimes, nightmare scenarios. Scott Storm, a US-based writer, director, and animator recently experienced something similar when a funded project of his got a sum of $10,000 pulled out by on of the investors. Fortunately for him, the Seed&Spark service decided to cover 50% of that sum and now Scott is looking to attain the other half through an additional crowdfunding process. But, what is his film all about? Here’s what the page on Seed&Spark states:

Just like my most recent animated short film, 'The Apple Tree', 'Custodian' is 2D animated short created entirely on a computer and in any spare time I can scrape together. While the first film dealt with themes of whimsical adventures of youth and a touch of environmentalism, ‘Custodian‘ delves into darker, psychological themes like horror, guilt, isolation and the quest for redemption all of us have experienced.

Like the footage shows, Scott used traditional animation techniques and it’s great to see artists being engaged in these methods of movie-making. Aside from the animation fans, Custodian seems like a very promising film for horror fans and those into the medieval setting, especially everyone who likes the brilliant Game of Thrones series. Thanks to his lifelong interest in the medieval period there is little doubt that the author has all that it takes to create a dark, low-fantasy animation gem.

So far, the project raised 58% of its target with 14 days remaining. While it is a real shame that artists have to go through the possibility that includes pledged funds being recalled, it’s great that Scott is not giving up on Custodian. All those who want to help him either through a direct contribution or through sharing and following his campaign should check out the film's official Seed&Spark page.

Also, find out more about the project on its Facebook fan page, Twitter page, and author's website.