Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Crowdfunding push: The Price of Love

In this crowdfunding campaign called The Price of Love, a documentary examines the harsh nature of immigration laws currently in place in the UK. The film's official Indiegogo page states:

Thousands of British citizens have lost the right to have their non-EU husband or wife live with them in their home country, simply because they do not earn enough money. The level set at £18,600 per year is considerably higher than the the national average wage, meaning that many Brits have effectively been told they cannot afford to fall in love.

Tragically, this rule has meant that many young children are being kept apart from a parent for prolonged periods of time.

The Price of Love takes a closer look at these rules and asks whether it is morally just to keep families apart based purely on income.

The film is a creation of Don McVey, a director who first noticed this story in 2012, but struggled to find the funding for it. From the looks of the shots in the promo, it dives deep into this problem, but also into the phenomenon of subtle (and less subtle) immigration fear that continues to grow in the European states and shows the human cost of it all. The campaign is currently in its final hours, having reached almost 90% of its goal. Check out The Price of Love Indiegogo page and see if how you can help.

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